All new blog!

So then, well there, benvenuto!

For different reasons I decided to return to good ol' myblog - and yes, I will write this blog in English even though this is a German blog host, ihùh.
For once, neither Myspace, nor Virb°, nor many others would allow me to post several of my paintings on their pages, mostly due to their restrictions concerning violence and nudity, which I think is ridiculous but it's their choice and to a certain extend I do understand them, but not really.

And of course I thought it'd be nice to have a place where all my stuff is gathered and in a nice ambiente put together.

I will try make this look as beautiful as possible, so give my paintings a nice cosy little home, ihih.

But I guess first of all I have to learn a bit of HTML again, I forgot almost all of it in the last months where I wasn't here on myblog and thus not doing any layout-stuff at all.

That's all for now, no paintings yet, but be patient, there will be something to watch eventually.
If you're bored, go listen to some music by www.myspace.com/joujouxdantan. It's healing, believe me =)

26.6.07 20:40

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