Still not in top form again, still suffering from the allgergic reaction a bit, buuut this is amazing, listen...
To be quite honest, I never fully read the terms of service of Photobucket, but as it seems, not even they allow me to upload all of my pictures... have a look at the ->Paintings 2007<- page...
I think that's well worth crying cause it's one of my favourite paintings I've done this year, because I put so many of my own feelings into it.... and Photobucket tells me it violates their terms of service, B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.... Fucking pricks! (excuse my swearing, but don't you think it's appropriate? Yeah, it is, assholes!)

And Peter Doherty is allowed to exhibit his fucking self-blood-pictures in London? (which I love, tho) Thanks, can I please have Kate Moss as my girlfriend, too?
OR, another example, Marylin Manson... if he's allowed to exhibit his pictures as well as frequently himself, too, why not me?

Where's freedom when you need it? Pah.. time to start a revolution again, who's there with me?

5.7.07 00:48

Photo portfolio started!

How's everyone been?
I've been busy uploading the first collection of photos to the ->People Photography<- page... it's not much, but there is still a loooot to come, hehe, sure you can't wait xD

Oh how I love talking to myself, it's so good cause you never get a contra, ihùh^^

I really love this page till now... I feel very much at home here =)


28.6.07 20:04

I'm dead meat!

Sooo now I've really uploaded loads of pictures and I guess that's basically all that is good enough to be shown on here, anyway, ihih. It's a good bunch of pictures, and it's enough for me for now =)

All that is missing now is the photography part, but that's gonna come some other day. I need a break now and something to lift me up... maybe peanut butter will help^^

Puh, I really am dead meat now, need to sleep, eheh.

27.6.07 20:35

Working hard...

Uff, today I felt a bit too sick to go to university - instead I've been starting to upload pictures to this page, yipeeeh!

For now I've uploaded 22 pictures to the -> Drawings <- section of my blog, and only this took me approx. 3 hours. Should go faster now, though, now that I've figured out the HTML part of it =)

Also, I've written a little something about meeee and posted it on the page that in the navigation on the left side can be found under -> l'artiste <-

Go to have some lunch now. More paintings/drawings/photos will come soon... I think, ihih.


27.6.07 13:44

All new blog!

So then, well there, benvenuto!

For different reasons I decided to return to good ol' myblog - and yes, I will write this blog in English even though this is a German blog host, ihùh.
For once, neither Myspace, nor Virb°, nor many others would allow me to post several of my paintings on their pages, mostly due to their restrictions concerning violence and nudity, which I think is ridiculous but it's their choice and to a certain extend I do understand them, but not really.

And of course I thought it'd be nice to have a place where all my stuff is gathered and in a nice ambiente put together.

I will try make this look as beautiful as possible, so give my paintings a nice cosy little home, ihih.

But I guess first of all I have to learn a bit of HTML again, I forgot almost all of it in the last months where I wasn't here on myblog and thus not doing any layout-stuff at all.

That's all for now, no paintings yet, but be patient, there will be something to watch eventually.
If you're bored, go listen to some music by www.myspace.com/joujouxdantan. It's healing, believe me =)

26.6.07 20:40

Gratis bloggen bei