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I'm a young (20 year-old) girl from the cold north of Germany, still live at home in Hanover but go to college in Hildesheim. I'll eventually graduate in elementary education - hey, little kids are funny! but who knows, mabye my paths will lead me some other way someday.

I'm a curious, open minded person and in love with life when I don't hate it.

I love any kind of art: writing, painting, drawing, sculpturing, photography and of course music and I have countless artists from all these genres that I admire.

-I love cooking (which in itself is art, too)
-and being lazy.
I want to say of myself that I really know The Importance Of Being Idle, though I never came to reading that book, yet.
Believe me, I am so lazy and it's not always a good thing, but lying in my bed, watching the ceiling and just do some associative thinking is one of the things I enjoy most!

-Dogs are cool, rabbits rock and rats are funny!
-I looove going to concerts, it keeps me alive.
-I enjoy sitting around, playing on my acoustic guitar.
-Without my laptop computer I would be nothing and wouldn't know what to do from 10 pm to 3 am every night.
-I'm in love with drugs: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and chocolateeee are my best friends.

-I'm influenced by various brilliant artists; René Magritte, Salvador Dalì, M.C. Escher, Frida Kahlo (-> all these surrealists!), Sandro Boticelli, Piero Della Francesca, William Turner, Egon Schiele, Karl Spitzweg, Auguste Renoir, Michelangelo and many more...

 -I love reading. To have a good book with me when I travel is crucial.
-Favourite authors of mine: Oscar Wilde (my one true love), William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stanislav Lem (crazy man), Aldous Huxley, Arthur Miller (interesting one for pedagogics, too), Johnathan Safran Foer, Terry Pratchett
- also like to read Freud, Jung, Eriksson and the rest of the lot.

-I like to watch documentaries on WWII on TV, I like strange movies, no kitsch please.
- Absolutely favourite films: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Lost In Translation, Everything Is Illuminated, Donnie Darko, Amélie Poulain and of course Lord of the Rings

-I love the Beatles, John was more than a genious, Paul is a bitchy cutie, Ringo's humour is dryer than dry champagne and George... ok, he was a Beatle after all, hm? Dudedum, whiiile my guitar gently weeeeeeeps...
-I don't listen to indie/rock/alternative music to be cool cause that's uncool. I listen to it because it touches my soul.
-Don't go to a Mando Diao concert unless you want to be squeezed like a tomatoe to ketchup by auto-agressive 15-year-olds.
-Noel Gallagher is a beauty.
-Can someone please put Bono, Bob Geldof and Chris Martin together and throw them into a risotto so that the people in Africa have something to eat?
-There isn't a better musical duo than Sean Lennon and Marco Tonincelli performing 'Nel Mio Armadio' and 'Would I Be the One' together.

-I hate to live in Germany, my favourite places are in Ireland, England, France and Italy.
-I want to travel to China and Japan one day.

-I'm mad for Ronnie O'Sullivan cause he made snooker sexy
-I hate sports, would never do any kind of it freely - except sex, which is fun but not as profound as it is said to be.
-I don't hate anything else, normally I can't hate. Which is something I really hate about me.
-I don't take myself too seriously.
-A day without a good laugh can't be a good day.
-I want to be a hippie - let's all do bed-ins, free love, LSD and flowers all day long, yaay - no, seriously, just imagine... =)

-I fall in love too easily.
-Only a whole heart can be broken.

If you read until here, wooh! Congratulations, you little stalker, why do you want to know so much about me? Pwwahaha, get a life, ihih.









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