~Pencil/Coal/Watercolour/Pastel and so on-Drawings~
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     Josh Holloway           Liam Gallagher           Scarlett Johansson

          Ringo Starr                             Noel Gallagher

       Ronnie O'Sullivan                      Daniel Casey

  Evangeline Lilly            Two girls from schooldays

  Ronnie O'Sullivan            George Harrison           Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Ronnie O'Sullivan                Tiffany (Pratchett-character)

     Sean Lennon             Liam Gallagher        Ronnie and me (ihuh)

    ouais, c'est moi!        me, Friendly Fire style      Frau Holle

            LotR Arwen                            Sean Lennon

    Sean Lennon                Joujoux D'anSean               "being pensive"

       "Solitary"               Dom Monaghan            "Fool of a Took!"

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